About Us

We are the Hudson’s. We live on 6 acres in rural Northwest Ohio. We have ten children, all of which help out. Multiple times a day, from the pups to the adults, we interact with our dogs, play with them, exercise them, brush them, and care for their needs. You know your puppy will be well socialized and ready for your family.

We started with one yellow Labrador with a wonderful personality. She was so gentle and easy to have around. We researched Labradoodles and found that they are a great mix of personality, size, and, best of all, are hypoallergenic. That is a trait that is extremely beneficial to families with allergies. So we decided to begin breeding them. We desire dogs with mild personalities and a desire to please. Combining those traits with lots of socialization gives our puppies the best start to being an amazing addition to your family!

We truly love our dogs and are excited to place them in loving and                    nurturing homes!