Meet the Moms & Dads


Penny 2

Penny 1


Penny is a beautiful, multicolored cafe’ multi gen labradoodle. Her coat has silvers, reds, and browns! She’s about 65 lbs and is built more like a standard poodle. She’s such a happy girl, always ready to play and join in the fun with the kids!




Millie 1

Millie 2

Millie is smaller than her sister, Chino. She’s also a multi-gen chocolate labradoodle, but weighs about 65 lbs, and is shorter than Chino. Millie is a cuddler and very patient with kids. She likes to be brushed and petted all day!





Pip is a quiet, little girl. She’s a phantom, F1B  labradoodle. She’s one of the smallest of our girls at just 45lbs. She’s very playful and so soft and cuddly!



Daisy is an energetic and fun first generation, F1B chocolate labradoodle. She loves to run and play!  She is great with kids. She is about 60lbs.


Chino 2

Chino 1

Chino is one of our “twin” moms. She’s a multi-generation chocolate labradoodle. Chino is tall like a standard poodle, 70 lbs, and majestic, but gentle and loving. She loves to play, but is happy to be by your side and just take a walk.


Nora is a multi gen standard, but she is very small for a standard. She weighs about 55lbs. She is so sweet! She is chocolate with a streak of silver to her back, which comes from her mother, Penny.


Scout is a medium, multi gen labradoodle. He loves to play and adores being around kids, especially chasing our boys! He weighs about 45 lbs.


Buster is a 18 lb. multi generation chocolate labradoodle. He is very obedient and playful. (Buster belongs to Stamm Farm Doodles in Archbold, OH)


Stone is a brother to Millie and Chino. He is a 60lb chocolate multi gen. He is so patient and loves to be by your side! (Stone belongs to Stamm Farm Doodles in Archbold, OH)



Merle is a rare, mini merle poodle. He weighs about 10 lbs. He is a happy little guy, follows by your side all the time! (Merle belongs to HoMe Grown Puppies in Fort Wayne, IN)