Meet the Moms & Dads


Birdie is our own pup from Millie and Merle. She is a multi gen, nonshedding. Very playful but mild. She weighs about 28lbs.


Ruby is our own pup from Daisy and Merle. She is a mini F2B. She weighs about 20lbs. She loves to run with the kids and is a very happy girl!



Indy is a multi gen red labradoodle. She is very mild and sweet. She weighs about 30lbs. 


Casey is a standard multi gen. She is one of our own pups from Penny and Stone. She is very laid back and gentle. She weighs about 50 lbs.


Penny 2

Penny 1


Penny is a beautiful, multicolored cafe’ multi gen labradoodle. Her coat has silvers, reds, and browns! She’s about 60 lbs and is built more like a standard poodle. She’s such a happy girl, always ready to play and join in the fun with the kids!




Millie 1

Millie is smaller than her sister, Chino. She’s also a multi-gen chocolate labradoodle, weighs about 70 lbs, and is shorter than Chino. Millie is a cuddler and very patient with kids. She likes to be brushed and petted all day!


Pip is a quiet, little girl. She’s a phantom, F1B  labradoodle. She’s one of the smallest of our girls at just 45lbs. She’s very playful and so soft and cuddly!




Nora is a multi gen standard, but she is very small for a standard. She weighs about 50lbs. She is so sweet! She is chocolate with a streak of silver to her back, which comes from her mother, Penny.


Scout is a medium, multi gen labradoodle. He loves to play and adores being around kids, especially chasing our boys! He weighs about 40 lbs.


Oscar is a standard multi gen blue merle labradoodle. He weighs about 55 lbs and loves to run in our backyard!


Buster is a 18 lb. multi generation chocolate labradoodle. He is very obedient and playful. (Buster belongs to Stamm Farm Doodles in Archbold, OH)



Merle is a mini merle poodle. He weighs about 10 lbs. He is a happy little guy, follows by your side all the time! (Merle belongs to HoMe Grown Puppies in Fort Wayne, IN)


Rusty is a very playful , fun red multi gen. He is about 15lbs. (Rusty belongs to Stamm Farm Doodles in Archbold, OH)